Dear 2014

Well you got me man. This was one fucked up year for me.

But not entirely, I mean there has been something good about all of this.

I did rage quit my job and then ran off to the city of Johannesburg. You know I actually forgot about that. Holy shit that’s something that happened this year. Ended up waltzing back to the crappy job but I had a really awesome six months.

I helped shoot a movie and found myself a part of a great time. But then reality set in, in a pretty ugly way lol.

Explosively large debt accumulation is never fun. Well, actually that’s not true. It suggests I spent money during that time. I didn’t, I just thought the second job I jumped to was real only to fall apart and I lost it.

That was insanely embarrassing, at least the rushing back part. There was no rushing though.

i wrote a book, this year. That was pretty fucking awesome.

Then before I went back to my old job, I finished writing the sequel.

I left my speakers and amp at my sisters house, which may not-

Oh yeah my brother died.

I remember spending one new years at his chapel. Yes, he was the priest, the holy ghost kind.

Gawd, it’s fucking insane that that happened this year.

I never thought about this but…well, there’s actually a lot I forgot about all of this. I don’t know, it’s all kinda weird.

Weird that I would have such large chunks in my mind missing.

I hate that.

But that’s okay I guess. Breaking Point had to remind me that we’d ever spoken in real life.

What’s remained with me has been the bad. The bad that doesn’t go away. Which is rather unfair to all the little goods that happened.

But I’d be lying if you ended with a smile.

But 2014.

I have survived you. 2014 I have stepped one level above you simply because I have survived you and will be leaving you behind.

But that does not mean I have beaten you, at all.

If anything in the boxing match of life. I lost the round and I’m waltzing into the next round.

I shouldn’t be waltzing. I don’t have the time and I’m most certainly not built to have the patience.

I guess the point of this message is to say that this is the end of my thoughts of you as a whole. I’m saying goodbye. Moving on, leaving you behind.

I’ve changed because of you, I’d be a fucking liar if I said I was grateful for you but at the same time I will learn from you.

It just hope it amounts to something.

I have very clear goals.

Goals that I should be writing down every single day.

Working on my writing so hard that I’m quoting myself for life lessons.

Peace out

I hope I never do think of you again.


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