About Me

I’ve been writing for a few years and published my first novel. The novel in question being Bludgeon Ball: Genesis.

The written word is my obsession, my desperate need. My sanity.

I love science fiction and fantasy and any along with all combinations of the like, including Steampunk, Dystopic, Apolocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic realities.

I’m a firm believer that fiction is how we of foolish and childish minds manage to process our realities.

I will directly use any every and any means to put my world out there. It’s my love and passion to create worlds and I try to build as many as my imagination will allow and try using what mediums I can find to put my worlds out there.

But besides that I am also fascinated in making comedy fun. I have no sense of humor, which means we try twice as hard to be funny. Who knows I might make a terrible mistake and make someone smile.


Expect to see:

Stories about life


About my writing


About Novels I read


My friends


And of course gaming!!




And Other Media I stumble into


I hope I hear from you guys soon!


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Writing, gaming, movies and life all balled up into rants and deliberately argumentative bullshit lol

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