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Not enough racism in gaming? #GamerGate #NotYourShield


Stupid people will be confused by this, a great deal of people will be triggered by this, I am not supporting sexism or racism but rather racism in gaming. I can already feel you all getting upset but I want you to consider what I’m going to say. [This is a post about games themselves, and not multiplayer chats which is another kettle of fish. THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT, JUST A THOUGHT]


I just watched a video coming from a black american talking about Gaming and racism and how games that touch upon topics of race are ‘keeping it real’.


This made me think.


Hey, this rapper guy is actually right. Art is a reflection of society. It’s not what it’s seen as, that’s what it is. What ever piece of creativity you form is a form of today’s times. If you are porn star, a political leader, a serial killer or a basement dweller. If you produce something, that ‘something’ is a product of our time. Our reality.

You may think you made it for you, but you didn’t. Like it our not your made it for the human race for the year 2014.

That’s right mother fucker, you fucking matter.


So if you video tape yourself taking a shit and it becomes an internet sensation (Ie Two girls One cup) then that is a reflection of the world we live in. You’re gross and the fact that we love you for it matters!


Which is why some movies stand the test of time(Jurassic Park 1, Clock Work Orange) and some do not (American Beauty, Tron)

We all instinctively know this. It is why Huckleberry Fin and Tom Sawyer are allowed to refer to black people as niggers and it’s acceptable in literature, and whaling is perfectly acceptable in Moby Dick. It paints a picture of what was, and, of course, what is.

We accept these things because it would be disingenuous to reject them as a part of our history and a part of our present.

By acknowledging these things we give value to our own histories even if we don’t know the dates and times of everything. The lessons of WW1 taught us a couple bullets could start a chain reaction that could literally change the world.

With it we know the horrific history of the word Nigger which at some point had started out as a Spanish word to describe black Americans (Negro, meaning black) became a world to insult and dishonour their ancestors.

Without these we let pieces of history slip through the cracks and they effect our present. The prime example off the top of my head:

Calling a woman hysterical or crazy was something men did to out spoken women who wanted equality. They were called hysterical and sent to mental asylums and all types of medieval shit for a disease which was basically the all in one of diseases that was blamed for every problem, kinda like ADHD. Not fun, we still use it because no one really knows about it. It took a kinda lame movie for me to find out. [It adds extra meaning to Charlize Theron’s character hating the word crazy in the movie Hancock doesn’t it? Just the knowledge alone added to that movie for me.]

It is imperative that someone talks about this stuff as much as possible.

We need bards to sing!

We need poets to write!

We need limericks and lyrics!

Motor mouths and Minstrels!

Because if we don’t have them, people will forget what was. PEOPLE WILL FORGET WHAT IS!! We already live in a world of opposing facts and echo chambers as it is.

So if you believe that sexism is a problem on a massive scale THEN OF COURSE IT WOULD BE IN FUCKING GAMES ON A MASSIVE SCALE!! If reality is dealing with true sexism then it should be in games, as games are art and art reflects life. Otherwise no one will believe you when you cry wolf! Even if there is a wolf there. How the fuck don’t people know this? Why does someone have to tell you? As a person who doesn’t see remotely what you seem to see, I have every right to dismiss your opinion as exactly that, your opinion.

This is not what Gamergate is, Gamergate is about ethics in journalism. I cannot express this enough.

But the people who claim it is something else entirely have brought up some very fascinating points.

As a black South African I have faced racism that will make your jaws drop. As a lesson in school one of the first things I was taught was that my black skin was a punishment by god as god had punished Jonah (or job or jeff or who ever, I remember there being a J), with dark skin. I WAS SIX AT THE TIME! [Thank the invisible racist in the sky for atheism]

dear Anita Sarkeasean if I had “Listened and believed” my teacher that day, what would I have become? Why should I ever listen and believe?

That is a reality that SHOULD be in a computer game. People should have the opportunity to feel it too, be disgusted by it, hurt by it or heart broken by it.

Malala Yousafzai, who only wanted girls to go to school and she was shot in the face for it.

The vast majority of people who died in Iraq  AFTER the “Mission Accomplished” Speech NEED TO BE MADE INTO A GAME!!


Gaming is the first medium where the shit other people in other parts of the planet feel can be felt by someone who is completely alien to the situation. It’s where a person can feel nothing, feel something, or just have fun. Why would you want to crush that in the name of you getting offended?

Nelson Mandela said something that’s always stuck with me.


So SJWs and Anti Gamergaters who are determined to crush a consumer movement designed to develop trust between the media and the consumer, along with the developer. [Look an actual #GamerGate issue!]

We are not your enemy, we want what you want because we want everything, including what you don’t want. Because gaming or art is bigger than your sore ouchy feelings. It’s so much bigger than you or me. Gaming has always been inclusive, I was welcomed in open arms and if you’re the least bit honest then you will admit that you were too. And you still are.

We’ll even give you a free armour upgrade so you have thicker skin and sharper minds.

I support the right or jarring images and lewd works along with educational and motivational works. I will decide what I like because that’s how the market works and I know myself well enough to know what I like, maybe I can trust gaming reviews and journalists to not MAKE THE FUCKING CHOICE FOR ME!

Let games be games, the market changes because culture changes and that’s not a bad thing because change is the only constant in this world. We acknowledge and support it by supporting everything about it.

Do you?