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Dear 2014

Well you got me man. This was one fucked up year for me.

But not entirely, I mean there has been something good about all of this.

I did rage quit my job and then ran off to the city of Johannesburg. You know I actually forgot about that. Holy shit that’s something that happened this year. Ended up waltzing back to the crappy job but I had a really awesome six months.

I helped shoot a movie and found myself a part of a great time. But then reality set in, in a pretty ugly way lol.

Explosively large debt accumulation is never fun. Well, actually that’s not true. It suggests I spent money during that time. I didn’t, I just thought the second job I jumped to was real only to fall apart and I lost it.

That was insanely embarrassing, at least the rushing back part. There was no rushing though.

i wrote a book, this year. That was pretty fucking awesome.

Then before I went back to my old job, I finished writing the sequel.

I left my speakers and amp at my sisters house, which may not-

Oh yeah my brother died.

I remember spending one new years at his chapel. Yes, he was the priest, the holy ghost kind.

Gawd, it’s fucking insane that that happened this year.

I never thought about this but…well, there’s actually a lot I forgot about all of this. I don’t know, it’s all kinda weird.

Weird that I would have such large chunks in my mind missing.

I hate that.

But that’s okay I guess. Breaking Point had to remind me that we’d ever spoken in real life.

What’s remained with me has been the bad. The bad that doesn’t go away. Which is rather unfair to all the little goods that happened.

But I’d be lying if you ended with a smile.

But 2014.

I have survived you. 2014 I have stepped one level above you simply because I have survived you and will be leaving you behind.

But that does not mean I have beaten you, at all.

If anything in the boxing match of life. I lost the round and I’m waltzing into the next round.

I shouldn’t be waltzing. I don’t have the time and I’m most certainly not built to have the patience.

I guess the point of this message is to say that this is the end of my thoughts of you as a whole. I’m saying goodbye. Moving on, leaving you behind.

I’ve changed because of you, I’d be a fucking liar if I said I was grateful for you but at the same time I will learn from you.

It just hope it amounts to something.

I have very clear goals.

Goals that I should be writing down every single day.

Working on my writing so hard that I’m quoting myself for life lessons.

Peace out

I hope I never do think of you again.


White Knighting might be the new “Buying a Porsche”?

This is an insane thought I had today and I felt I absolutely had to jot it down before it escaped my mind.

I remember one of my favourite Jerry Seinfeld videos was that one of the reasons men spend money on fast cars is because women enjoy being inside fast cars and the thing that made me laugh was the observation where he says that basically if women decided that they like pogo sticks that men would buy pogosticks. Men’s lives would be engulfed by pogosticks.


That’s a funny thought but one I actually have a hard time simply blowing off. I bet what ever you are good at, skilled at or have just done that you were proud of. You, at some point, have used it to impress a girl.

It’s not an unnatural thing, not just in culture but in nature. From the peacock to birds dancing to fighting other men. Everything does it and, well before the modern times, it was perfectly acceptable.

Of course nowadays things have changed.

In a big way!

Now it’s kinda pictured as cheap and sleazy.


You doing something, anything great is…well…GREAT. You should use it to impress someone, otherwise what you did isn’t impressive(Not enough to have one must do!).

If you buy a Porsche as a method to impress women then well done for you, you rich fuck. You have enough money to buy a Porsche, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to make your dick happy. It’s not fair to accuse him as someone who is over compensating for a small penis. It’s being practical, it is something that works, why wouldn’t you use it if you could?

But still we paint them as little dicked fucks.

They are creeps.


This, brings up an interesting thought to me though. Aren’t the white knights who defending ideals they quite honestly care nothing about as they fire pot shots and straw man arguments constantly from a safe distance. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that these people are over compensating too, and just maybe they are overcompensating for the exact same reasons?

I’ve been an active part of #Gamergate for a while now and I can’t help but look at the people in antigamergate and think to myself, “what the hell are these people talking about?” and somehow I just know that, quite a few of the men defending the anti consumer revolt are just doing it to be seen defending the anti-consumer revolt.

Now I only noticed the pattern during the #gamergate incident but when I reflect upon media I have started to see the pattern is actually all around us. These guys who jump up to defend an issue, and the more they talk, the more you realise the less they know until you can’t help but wonder what the hell they hoped to achieve with their yelling.

My first thought, and if I’m honest the most accurate, was that they were men determined to follow get an alternate fix on the “Damsel in distress” trope. Men want to be heroes. We want to save the day(Personally, if it involves effort, I’m not up for it) and for some I’m sure that’s exactly the case but what if there’s more to it?

What if there’s “overcompensating” tool right there? The alternative to buying a Porsche, except these people didn’t do anything impressive or achieve anything to be who they were, they just supported a group of people who were put under the pressure of having to make sense.

And if that was the case. Should we fault them for it?

The power of the male erection has build worlds, who are we to stop them? So if you find yourself talking to a SJW white knight and you feel yourself getting frustrated. Just remember the power of erections, commend them!


If they made a movie out of burnout.



The fast and the Furious franchise had a gem in Paul Walker but with his death I know the franchise still has the space and opportunity to move on. Easily actually, yes the one white guy between the solid wall of brown is missing and I’m sure if the series is going to survive; they’ll fix it. but they have moved beyond street racing to create driving movies. 


It looks like the movies following the game need for speed has filled the gap needed for street racing. But I believe there’s a Michael bay sized gap for hardcore racing that has been long neglected, and that’s crash centric racing.

Which is were burnout comes in. 



Now here me out. I’m sure you’re already backing away from me. A movie where care deliberately blow each other up, I’m sure you thought ‘mario Kart’ and decided fuck it. 

This is not Markio Kart, this is the end of the world as we know it. Why do I say that? Because the burnout universe is exactly the same as the SSX universe, which is obvious a futuristic universe. Considering the cities used in SSX and how they essentially hollow out a city every time they host their major death defying events. What if the world were very much like the cities.


Imagine a somewhere post dystopic society. We’ve all seen enough dystopic stories that end in freedom to create a full backstory with like three paragraphs of explosion. Hell, you could do it up style, us two second scenes and end up with the final scene independence day and then fade to black and write 100 years later and boom you’re finished, we fill in the dots. 

Now here’s something I believe is important.



I’m a huge fan of punk rock and have been in love with every SSX soundtrack(iffier on SSX 3 but still liked it) with SSX on tour being my favourite as it also gave you the option of cutting out the boring SHIT. 


Now that’s a very basic outline of the background. Under populated cities, rebuilding in a crushed world where the good guys won. Now comes our story as is a popular trend right now with people making movies from games which would otherwise have absolutely no plot and therefore nothing to live up to while still having a supportive fan base. 

The burnout franchise appears to have died a horrible HORRIBLE death, it has potential to be sent off with a bang, unmatched and unrivalled. A bustling world trying to be a world. When you have your protagonist. Jef, because I fucking hate Jeff. I know nothing about kid actors other than they suck and have pointlessly bad parents(and that’s when they’re not bad at being alive). Seriously if you’re going to be terrible at least make sure that your kid gains some skill for it. So I’m going to say the high school vibe because if we’re talking EA their we’re talking mass marketing so the younger the better an old punk rock vibe would be too goth, too cult.

Which is damn shame.

So anyway we had clock work orange, Daniel Day Lewis type character. He’s not a nerd, he’s not from a foreign nation. He’s not a jock, he’s not even nice. What he is, is smart and very indifferent to most thanks as he just kinda lets life happen. He has two side kicks, useful and expendable. 

Usefull as it turns out is extremely useful has he had created a system of hacking into any car he wants the system is something that surpassed the system of stolen car hacks. 

There’s already an underground network of hacks which lead to the cars of the time which ran completely automatically. You don’t battle for pink slips but for heavily encrypted hack keys. That not only start a car but get it to drive with you. This settles the element of multiple cars and the element of careless racing, only the hacks are hard but the characters have very limited investment in them. 

Something which screams of all the hallmarks that made the law of burnout without making too much of a fuss as it is humanly possible to hold suspension of disbelieve. 


I have now proven that there is no reason why this movie should not exist.