Jin’s War

Pic 621,1JINS WAR

This is my second born. My baby boy! Yes, you might have to get used to me referring to my books as my babies. Book writing is the closest thing I have to giving birth. I’ll take it. And I won’t swap.

This is the cover I had made for Jin’s War. Jins-War14

The genre here is basic science fiction and super powers. It’s a basic premise.

Hundreds of people across the planet disappear only for a week before returning with no recollection of the phenomena.

The media, government response was nonexistent, life carried on quickly.

Days passed, weeks, a month later inside the Japanese apartment home of Page Stevens an old friend who was considered long dead appears.

He remembers everything of the thirty plus days he was away, he remembers seeing Page Stevens there too. She’s as big a part of it too.

With what he has seen lies a warning.

There’s war brewing and it’s about to boil over. Only, there’s more to Page than she ever imagined.

And that is Jin’s War a four/five book series(On the third book, no idea if I will be able to finish the story on the fourth.)


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