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Is it all Japanese propaganda?

I came across this question when I realised that for some reason I was wondering why I had wanted Pacific Rim to be in Japan and realised how little fucking sense that would have made.

Upon thinking about this it struck me…

Why the fuck am I thinking this? I get it, the Japanese are popular for robots and creepy sexism over the usual sexism that the rest of us are quite happy with.

Ah, much better.

but are they the key in any single thing? Robotics? The supernatural?

Fucking anything other than well…what ever the fuck this is….

Now don’t get me wrong all countries have rumours or stories about them. Things that come to mind first when you mention them.

New Zealand and what Dumbledore’s brother got arrested and infamous for, but with sheep instead of goats.

Australia, which when I think native, I think:

And not

Mostly because I’m sure Aussies have killed their natives.

Or if a group of geologists and [um…fucking mapping people, I know it starts with a C. And no not the C word I’d like to use.] stood up and Denmark is now called Norway and visa versa

We’d all be like

or better yet…

And Russians being born with an evil guide to evil book in their hands. And special Call of Duty rifle target signs tattooed on their foreheads(Seriously, Call of Duty has issues!)

And finally we all know what country we think of when we think dead Palestinian babies.

But I never understand why Russia gets such a bad rap, there are places far meaner!

As for the country that should be targeted most….well…


and this SHIT!!

no good sir… i aint gotta do shit.

Why can’t Call Of Duty target them in a single player Campaign for once!!

At least until they apologise!

Well…okay….It’s a start!!

I’d make a joke about Britain but Scotland’s doing that already.

But as I guy who lives in Crook’s paradise I should probably stop throwing stones because it’s really gonna back fire.

But I think I made my point. Every country has some shit about them. EVERY Country!

Except Japan…

Now I know I mentioned sexism. But think about it. For Japan, for us. Is it really an issue.


It’s that thing we’re okay with, that we don’t let hurt our opinions of them. Hell we make it quirky about them. I know, I’m a prime suspect.

It’s a bit like Wakanda. The country the Black Panther comes from.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Give me a chance to explain!

Well. Africa has 52 countries…and for stupid people, is a continent. And Black Panther is pretty much black batman who’s strong smart and king, and not queen of England king but a decision making king who dresses up and does stupid shit instead of doing proper shit like paper work. WHY MAKE UP A COUNTRY?!!? There’s over fifty of them already there!

And it’s stupid but it has uses and we are all okay with it as we look at some ‘bigger’ picture.

See connects….because…REASONS!

And that’s what Japan rocks at. I remember once I was doing research for a book about Japanese Ghettos and slums.

In which collection of stupid people went out of their way to tell us(Turned out google/yahoo had been asked this before) why the Japanese don’t have slums and they live in a perfect utopia.

This made me think. Holy shit. We all point out the bullshit America does, ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

We all are supposed to have a level of patriotism. By level I mean a small one. Tiny, fucking minuscule. Why? Because we’re all people and if you think your patch of dirt is fundamentally better than someone else’s…

{{Has a brain haemorrhage and dies}}

I treat patriotism like a parent might treat a child who’s so well behaved that it might be time to make sure everything’s okay at home.

And thankfully most people do the same, except when it comes to Japan.

When we think Call of Duty or Battlefield we mostly picture a group of manly nerdy men standing in a circle behind a door with no women allowed branded on the front staring at a A3 image of Michael bay jerking off to a picture of Michael Bay in a marine’s uniform holding a M16 and shaving a bald eagle to make it ‘baldier‘ as the eagle itself humps an explosion while in the background the sound of Russians and all manner of brown people are bombed to pieces.
When we think of a Michel Bay Movie we all think, well the exact same image as before but with an international audience and more stereotypes.

Though I won’t lie. I do some times think of Pain and Gain. I can’t believe he made that movie, fucking brilliant! If you havent’ watched it yet….WATCH IT!!

But when we think of Japan or we think giant explosions. Samurai, swords, giis. Geisha girls and all things awesome. And we call them awesome no matter how far from progressive or stupid they are.


SERiously? Fucking why??

This is the internet, the most cynical place on earth! Let’s BE cynical and negative! Leave marketing executives to handle the good side!

Let’s get started!

I’m not saying abandon Anime, Manga, giant robots, Katanas, Yaris, Toyota, Samsung etc but fucking see the bad shit too!

And be realistic. I’m not just talking about random people living in the ether. Just look at your own Role plays!

Lets be what the internet wanted us to be!