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White Knighting might be the new “Buying a Porsche”?

This is an insane thought I had today and I felt I absolutely had to jot it down before it escaped my mind.

I remember one of my favourite Jerry Seinfeld videos was that one of the reasons men spend money on fast cars is because women enjoy being inside fast cars and the thing that made me laugh was the observation where he says that basically if women decided that they like pogo sticks that men would buy pogosticks. Men’s lives would be engulfed by pogosticks.


That’s a funny thought but one I actually have a hard time simply blowing off. I bet what ever you are good at, skilled at or have just done that you were proud of. You, at some point, have used it to impress a girl.

It’s not an unnatural thing, not just in culture but in nature. From the peacock to birds dancing to fighting other men. Everything does it and, well before the modern times, it was perfectly acceptable.

Of course nowadays things have changed.

In a big way!

Now it’s kinda pictured as cheap and sleazy.


You doing something, anything great is…well…GREAT. You should use it to impress someone, otherwise what you did isn’t impressive(Not enough to have one must do!).

If you buy a Porsche as a method to impress women then well done for you, you rich fuck. You have enough money to buy a Porsche, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to make your dick happy. It’s not fair to accuse him as someone who is over compensating for a small penis. It’s being practical, it is something that works, why wouldn’t you use it if you could?

But still we paint them as little dicked fucks.

They are creeps.


This, brings up an interesting thought to me though. Aren’t the white knights who defending ideals they quite honestly care nothing about as they fire pot shots and straw man arguments constantly from a safe distance. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that these people are over compensating too, and just maybe they are overcompensating for the exact same reasons?

I’ve been an active part of #Gamergate for a while now and I can’t help but look at the people in antigamergate and think to myself, “what the hell are these people talking about?” and somehow I just know that, quite a few of the men defending the anti consumer revolt are just doing it to be seen defending the anti-consumer revolt.

Now I only noticed the pattern during the #gamergate incident but when I reflect upon media I have started to see the pattern is actually all around us. These guys who jump up to defend an issue, and the more they talk, the more you realise the less they know until you can’t help but wonder what the hell they hoped to achieve with their yelling.

My first thought, and if I’m honest the most accurate, was that they were men determined to follow get an alternate fix on the “Damsel in distress” trope. Men want to be heroes. We want to save the day(Personally, if it involves effort, I’m not up for it) and for some I’m sure that’s exactly the case but what if there’s more to it?

What if there’s “overcompensating” tool right there? The alternative to buying a Porsche, except these people didn’t do anything impressive or achieve anything to be who they were, they just supported a group of people who were put under the pressure of having to make sense.

And if that was the case. Should we fault them for it?

The power of the male erection has build worlds, who are we to stop them? So if you find yourself talking to a SJW white knight and you feel yourself getting frustrated. Just remember the power of erections, commend them!