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Not enough racism in gaming? #GamerGate #NotYourShield


Stupid people will be confused by this, a great deal of people will be triggered by this, I am not supporting sexism or racism but rather racism in gaming. I can already feel you all getting upset but I want you to consider what I’m going to say. [This is a post about games themselves, and not multiplayer chats which is another kettle of fish. THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT, JUST A THOUGHT]


I just watched a video coming from a black american talking about Gaming and racism and how games that touch upon topics of race are ‘keeping it real’.


This made me think.


Hey, this rapper guy is actually right. Art is a reflection of society. It’s not what it’s seen as, that’s what it is. What ever piece of creativity you form is a form of today’s times. If you are porn star, a political leader, a serial killer or a basement dweller. If you produce something, that ‘something’ is a product of our time. Our reality.

You may think you made it for you, but you didn’t. Like it our not your made it for the human race for the year 2014.

That’s right mother fucker, you fucking matter.


So if you video tape yourself taking a shit and it becomes an internet sensation (Ie Two girls One cup) then that is a reflection of the world we live in. You’re gross and the fact that we love you for it matters!


Which is why some movies stand the test of time(Jurassic Park 1, Clock Work Orange) and some do not (American Beauty, Tron)

We all instinctively know this. It is why Huckleberry Fin and Tom Sawyer are allowed to refer to black people as niggers and it’s acceptable in literature, and whaling is perfectly acceptable in Moby Dick. It paints a picture of what was, and, of course, what is.

We accept these things because it would be disingenuous to reject them as a part of our history and a part of our present.

By acknowledging these things we give value to our own histories even if we don’t know the dates and times of everything. The lessons of WW1 taught us a couple bullets could start a chain reaction that could literally change the world.

With it we know the horrific history of the word Nigger which at some point had started out as a Spanish word to describe black Americans (Negro, meaning black) became a world to insult and dishonour their ancestors.

Without these we let pieces of history slip through the cracks and they effect our present. The prime example off the top of my head:

Calling a woman hysterical or crazy was something men did to out spoken women who wanted equality. They were called hysterical and sent to mental asylums and all types of medieval shit for a disease which was basically the all in one of diseases that was blamed for every problem, kinda like ADHD. Not fun, we still use it because no one really knows about it. It took a kinda lame movie for me to find out. [It adds extra meaning to Charlize Theron’s character hating the word crazy in the movie Hancock doesn’t it? Just the knowledge alone added to that movie for me.]

It is imperative that someone talks about this stuff as much as possible.

We need bards to sing!

We need poets to write!

We need limericks and lyrics!

Motor mouths and Minstrels!

Because if we don’t have them, people will forget what was. PEOPLE WILL FORGET WHAT IS!! We already live in a world of opposing facts and echo chambers as it is.

So if you believe that sexism is a problem on a massive scale THEN OF COURSE IT WOULD BE IN FUCKING GAMES ON A MASSIVE SCALE!! If reality is dealing with true sexism then it should be in games, as games are art and art reflects life. Otherwise no one will believe you when you cry wolf! Even if there is a wolf there. How the fuck don’t people know this? Why does someone have to tell you? As a person who doesn’t see remotely what you seem to see, I have every right to dismiss your opinion as exactly that, your opinion.

This is not what Gamergate is, Gamergate is about ethics in journalism. I cannot express this enough.

But the people who claim it is something else entirely have brought up some very fascinating points.

As a black South African I have faced racism that will make your jaws drop. As a lesson in school one of the first things I was taught was that my black skin was a punishment by god as god had punished Jonah (or job or jeff or who ever, I remember there being a J), with dark skin. I WAS SIX AT THE TIME! [Thank the invisible racist in the sky for atheism]

dear Anita Sarkeasean if I had “Listened and believed” my teacher that day, what would I have become? Why should I ever listen and believe?

That is a reality that SHOULD be in a computer game. People should have the opportunity to feel it too, be disgusted by it, hurt by it or heart broken by it.

Malala Yousafzai, who only wanted girls to go to school and she was shot in the face for it.

The vast majority of people who died in Iraq  AFTER the “Mission Accomplished” Speech NEED TO BE MADE INTO A GAME!!


Gaming is the first medium where the shit other people in other parts of the planet feel can be felt by someone who is completely alien to the situation. It’s where a person can feel nothing, feel something, or just have fun. Why would you want to crush that in the name of you getting offended?

Nelson Mandela said something that’s always stuck with me.


So SJWs and Anti Gamergaters who are determined to crush a consumer movement designed to develop trust between the media and the consumer, along with the developer. [Look an actual #GamerGate issue!]

We are not your enemy, we want what you want because we want everything, including what you don’t want. Because gaming or art is bigger than your sore ouchy feelings. It’s so much bigger than you or me. Gaming has always been inclusive, I was welcomed in open arms and if you’re the least bit honest then you will admit that you were too. And you still are.

We’ll even give you a free armour upgrade so you have thicker skin and sharper minds.

I support the right or jarring images and lewd works along with educational and motivational works. I will decide what I like because that’s how the market works and I know myself well enough to know what I like, maybe I can trust gaming reviews and journalists to not MAKE THE FUCKING CHOICE FOR ME!

Let games be games, the market changes because culture changes and that’s not a bad thing because change is the only constant in this world. We acknowledge and support it by supporting everything about it.

Do you?



Movies I wish I could write myself [Harley Quinn]


A Harley Quinn movie. It would be simple as it is abundantly clear that with a Harley Quinn movie you get everything people want in a villain but enough growth potential to make a full movie, even a trilogy. 

We know one thing, Harlequin is smart and inquisitive. No one just fucking strolls into a PHD!! Man or woman, sane or insane.

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Christopher Nolan’s dark knight proved simple enough that technology does not mean smart like it used to. The joker never had to invent a single thing to show how brilliant he was. 

First thing to do is look at Harley Quinn from a common sense perspective, of course using as much comic history as possible. She’s a girl in Gotham, and most likely from Gotham otherwise her ability to get away from a crime scene literally makes no sense. So being a girl from Gotham there’s definitely a clear enough picture that her work route at some point crossed mugging, rape and murder central. So her having a raised ability to use a gun and self defence skill would be easily justified. A whole lot fucking more than the cat burglar catwoman being able to beat the shit out of trained mercenaries from the league of shadows. 

Why can catwoman beat the shit out of fucking trained mercenaries?

Why? Because REASONS!

But I digress, It’s Gotham which we all know is fucked up so people bursting into your home isn’t silly concern at all. So if there was ever a reason for paranoid knowledgeable people with a gun Gotham has one(both a paradox and an oxymoron in one sentence, fuck yeah!)

As for exactly how the joker wins her over is another story entirely as that is a more tricky thing to balance as that can go wrong easily enough(See Star Wars). As far as we can tell she is not genuinely insane but is devoted to the point of insanity. 

The easiest most logical route for this is the confidence route along with the ‘new philosophy’ group. By ‘new philosophy’ I basically mean make the joker have a reason for loving anarchy. Not a logical one by any means, not even a linear one. I’ve read enugh philosophy to know a lunitic to cobble together something that would impress other lunatics, hopefully without creating mass murderers.Basically you make a ‘way’ of the joker, it doesn’t even have to be something the joker follows exclusively but something that would pull directly into her life, making her a zealot. I really sea Eat, Pray, Love meets a Clock Work Orange. Give her an awakening, a reason. Which may seem to go against her narrative but wait for it. [Side note if you need me to come up with the insanity that drags her down and takes the audience with her, YOU DON”T HAVE TO PAY ME. I WILL DO IT]


To make her life have value, give her something to leave behind when he crosses from sanity, a friend,  a sister, hard core fans will hate it but basic fans and first time watchers of her story will love it. Most especially if you make her friend, sister or roomate a super hero. This will drive people crazy as you would have to absolutely rip apart another teen level super hero storyline from DC, which I’m personally okay with. Yes not all heroes and villains are equal, so sacrifice a weak hero’s arc for this movie. 


Again, yes. This will piss hard core people off but it will not alienate them as they will be a step ahead by knowing who the hero is. It is totally worthy as this is a very effective method of creating sympathy and add a very human element of vulnerability(without having to beat her up, you don’t have to beat the shit of a woman to feel for her) as she becomes more hesitant in direct murder of heroes but as creative in playful murder attempts. 

Anyway Joker outlines his fake life story(important to all joker fans and a part of her history) while outlining his philosophy which draws her in as she sees it in everything she lives and everything she does. Create a villainous, female, Arkham prison leader, maybe the woman in charge of the suicide squad as she has to get them from somewhere. 

Here is a video link describing the DC suicide squad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JqL5s6wCgA


By using her, you have something for the fan boys and girls while at the same time creating an antagonist who is still technically a good guy but bad enough so you relate to the bad guys. Here’s where the fun comes in. By disliking the antagonist you yourself make yourself the antagonist by association. The trick of course being subtle. That I leave to the imaginary director. 

As for how the story from the point of escape moves…well actually that’s simpler. You make the joker an abusive, manipulative asshole who is pushing her into the background. 

Imagine with me:


The first movie where you see the timers being charged, where you see the traps being set up and shown being played out. (Now I know you’re thinking, FUCK I”M BORED ALREADY, but this can be done well, the best example being the waiting at the toll booth in the godfather.)

Now imagine the actually close calls with the police, because those are actually constant thrilling moments that for some reason no super hero movie, with the exception of maybe green hornet tried. But this time from a bad guy perspective where the bad guys put their own lives first, second and third. 

I can already picture Harley Quinn hiding at first then simply shooting her way out of being chased  while being barked at by dogs, climbing fences. The first time it’s rough gritty, painful and weakens her, the second time, it’s smarter, smother even sexier the second time. the next time it is borderline cocky.

The basic point is that you get a two way look at Gotham city, the actual city and Harley’s physical development. We see her go from doctor to useful crime villainess. 


With this we get to see her on multiple fronts.


Her love story, her as a love sick criminal. Which in this decade is absolutely frowned upon, by…well if we are honest…NO FUCKING ONE!! Basic mother fucking love stories are not dead! Not even close to dead! Don’t get me wrong syndical mother fuckers out there have altered the flow of traditional love stories forever, which is not necessarily  a terrible thing but when you burn all variations of love stories from the smouldering piles of crap of Twilight to Romeo and Juliet to the brilliant insanity of Othello. There are no laws on love, so her story can never be inherently bad. Especially if you make it levelled. 


Her emotional story, is simple. She’s a survivor, a girl with a tough childhood that she never really let go of but sat with it. She didn’t have a chip on her should so much as a massive sore spot that her inner masochist is determined to continuously poke and stab and pinch until she tries to break it with friendship(with a future super hero! DO IT) and her psychology degree. Her emotional story alters sharply by meeting the Joker, changing the trajectory of her life all before the climax hits.

Her physical journey is special because without montaging it there is great opportunity and most importantly REASON for her to be able to move and defend herself. This is fucking Gotham! She’s got to look after herself. She trains to protect herself and when she becomes a starter villain she improves. You watch the whole event as she improves constantly.My point is realistic growth, a dark edgy realism that would draw you the viewer in. 

Now as for the climaxes. 


Now this is the most important part as there are multiple elements to be addressed here. But, not to be a dick but I think I have addressed them.

Romance, this is a story of heart break, yes she’s in love with the joker and for all his manipulative skill, one could argue for good reason, until the joker turns on her which is big deal enough for her to turn on him. Which is where the heart break comes in. This, if done well, enough to tug on the heartstrings of everyone there without effecting at all the morality issue, so no one will have a moral reason against it, in the most basic sense. She loves him, he’s a fucking dick, but she still loves him. 


Ethical and mental. This is pretty open and shut. You see her being a good person. She has an internal masochist tendency that forces her to draw on the negative experiences on her which pulls against her need to dominate win while balancing against every human’s cultural need to just ‘fit in’ until finally her meeting with the joker starts to shatter that until we reach our climax and the true monster with the smile is shown and we finally see her dark side. This is compounded emotionally and physically as she finally accepts her lifestyle choice but the final nail is put in the coffin when she turns her back on her friend sister, roomate to be happy. It’s an ironic and yet cathartic twist on the find your inner beauty cliche.


 Physical, she was always athletic, stroke but never confident, emotionally at ease with what and who she was and that shatters completely leaving a full woman who knows who she is and what she can do when she pushes her body to the limits and leaves nothing behind.

All these elements make up a story ending that will likely put them all together in one scene where something happens. I have not at all put a linear story on this for the simple reason that I want the director and the writers to figure that out for himself. It should be their vision. I just want to help set up the frame work.

Maybe get paid. 

huell money breaking bad

If they made a movie out of burnout.



The fast and the Furious franchise had a gem in Paul Walker but with his death I know the franchise still has the space and opportunity to move on. Easily actually, yes the one white guy between the solid wall of brown is missing and I’m sure if the series is going to survive; they’ll fix it. but they have moved beyond street racing to create driving movies. 


It looks like the movies following the game need for speed has filled the gap needed for street racing. But I believe there’s a Michael bay sized gap for hardcore racing that has been long neglected, and that’s crash centric racing.

Which is were burnout comes in. 



Now here me out. I’m sure you’re already backing away from me. A movie where care deliberately blow each other up, I’m sure you thought ‘mario Kart’ and decided fuck it. 

This is not Markio Kart, this is the end of the world as we know it. Why do I say that? Because the burnout universe is exactly the same as the SSX universe, which is obvious a futuristic universe. Considering the cities used in SSX and how they essentially hollow out a city every time they host their major death defying events. What if the world were very much like the cities.


Imagine a somewhere post dystopic society. We’ve all seen enough dystopic stories that end in freedom to create a full backstory with like three paragraphs of explosion. Hell, you could do it up style, us two second scenes and end up with the final scene independence day and then fade to black and write 100 years later and boom you’re finished, we fill in the dots. 

Now here’s something I believe is important.



I’m a huge fan of punk rock and have been in love with every SSX soundtrack(iffier on SSX 3 but still liked it) with SSX on tour being my favourite as it also gave you the option of cutting out the boring SHIT. 


Now that’s a very basic outline of the background. Under populated cities, rebuilding in a crushed world where the good guys won. Now comes our story as is a popular trend right now with people making movies from games which would otherwise have absolutely no plot and therefore nothing to live up to while still having a supportive fan base. 

The burnout franchise appears to have died a horrible HORRIBLE death, it has potential to be sent off with a bang, unmatched and unrivalled. A bustling world trying to be a world. When you have your protagonist. Jef, because I fucking hate Jeff. I know nothing about kid actors other than they suck and have pointlessly bad parents(and that’s when they’re not bad at being alive). Seriously if you’re going to be terrible at least make sure that your kid gains some skill for it. So I’m going to say the high school vibe because if we’re talking EA their we’re talking mass marketing so the younger the better an old punk rock vibe would be too goth, too cult.

Which is damn shame.

So anyway we had clock work orange, Daniel Day Lewis type character. He’s not a nerd, he’s not from a foreign nation. He’s not a jock, he’s not even nice. What he is, is smart and very indifferent to most thanks as he just kinda lets life happen. He has two side kicks, useful and expendable. 

Usefull as it turns out is extremely useful has he had created a system of hacking into any car he wants the system is something that surpassed the system of stolen car hacks. 

There’s already an underground network of hacks which lead to the cars of the time which ran completely automatically. You don’t battle for pink slips but for heavily encrypted hack keys. That not only start a car but get it to drive with you. This settles the element of multiple cars and the element of careless racing, only the hacks are hard but the characters have very limited investment in them. 

Something which screams of all the hallmarks that made the law of burnout without making too much of a fuss as it is humanly possible to hold suspension of disbelieve. 


I have now proven that there is no reason why this movie should not exist.