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SQJPure’s Top Five[Part Two]

Hey there…um guyz?

Oh well, I’m going to keep talking about the amazing Manga I got to read during 2013. I already spoke about my number five and number four favorite games. Number five being Fairy Tail and the number four one being Gantz. Both are pleasures of mine. 

Check it out here!

Now lets get back to the meat of things!







Sun Ken rock this was such a gem to read! This HAD to be on my list!

Okay I can’t seem to find a site to buy the English version online, especially for South Africans, I don’t know. Maybe Ebay. Give that a shot. Support buying manga!  

Back to my horrible horrible thoughts on this manga. And this is a manga and not a Manwha, which is a Korean Manga. The location is simply set in Korea.

This is the Story of a young Japanese man, Ken who travels to Korea to follow the girl of his dreams who rejected him and went to Korea.  Which in hindsight, considering how the manga starts, is INCREDIBLY creepy. It is twilight levels of creepy. But the story thank fully doesn’t play out all that creepy, and when it does, it acknowledges itself. 


Thankfully this Manga isn’t really boy chases and hunts girl. Not at all, the story takes a very dark and sudden turn right at the start as he can’t get a job and is borderline homeless and gangs shake down the only store owner willing to keep him from starving and we learn that lil old Ken is actually a bad assed mother fucker.


He got the mother fucking gangsters out the mother fucking store! 

At the end of his confrontation and ken survives in his battle, the gang’s leader faces off against him and we are locked into a world of gangsterism and we get a very Quentin Tarantino, dusk till dawn twist with the girl next door becoming a part of the Korean Anti gang force and Ken becoming a thug until the story evolves once more.



The plot becomes incredibly dark, border line pitch black as we look at Sun Ken’s rise of power. 


sun-ken-rock-2176343This story is very web written, funny when it wants to be and quite clever when it wants to be. It can talk on for ages, going on and on which i would love to say you can walk away from, take a dump and come back to find that you had not missed anything but it’s not anime, ITS A FUCKING MANGA so you’d still be where you fucking left off! But I will say it is a world better than air gear or any thing of the like where a single chapter becomes a fucking school lesson where the manga does its best to justify the bullshit we’re seeing though we’re supposed to go. “Oh that makes sense, of course Japanese people can do that, they are just that awesome. Why? Because JAPAN!!”



Anyway, as I was saying the writing pretty good though, having an immersible element as the story doesn’t pull punches or faffing around with crime. These are criminals! They do bad things! We get to see the bad guys do bad things as out typical anime hero does the absolute right thing at all times while having his self righteous morals thrown in his face constantly. It’s fucking brilliant.




Then comes the art work, which is well a fucking brilliant work of art.  I used to turn a page and just stare wide eyed and stunned at exactly how visually stunning the art style is here and it suites the writing oh so perfectly. It’s so good it will make you run over to your favorite ‘art friend’ and slam his fingers with a steel mallet just because you know in your heart that he will never be god enough and, of course, you never really liked him in the first place, tosser. The frames are beautiful making every character realistic s fuck and unique, it will spoil you. Ruin you, but you will be so grateful for it. 

wallpaper2As for maturity, it hits at very mature themes for a while before, a moment later, becoming completely immature. It makes you want to slash your wrists one moment before leaving you in stitches with its corny oddball scenes, terrible excuses for showing full on breasts and sex.Yes, this not so much eicchi as it is adult manga, but not porn. Though you’d not be to hard faulted at the nudity. Which can be seen as fantastic, bearable or appalling. 

Considering that it’s in my top five I’ll let you figure it out.

Number 2!


Killer Stall



Now this is not technically manga but instead Manhwa, which basically means MANGA, but made by Koreans. So basically MANGA!! Just made by someone else. I’m not being racist all you invisible pretentious ass wipers. It’s all comics! 

Now that I’m finished being defensive let us talk a little about Killer stall, my second favorite Manga read for 2013. 


What can I say about killer stall besides it is very different to anything I have read in such a long time! First off the story is set in South Korea in a little stall called killer stall where we are introduced to the kindest kind of protagonists only to turn out to be a criminal himself. A former hit man who handed his resignation the way all hitmen do.

Walking into the bosses office and single handedly murdering everyone in sight. But unlike other stories of the like this story deals wit the aftermath where the now riddled with holes collateral of the plot boss is dead but his son is left behind. And unlike other crime bosses born of plot convenience this formerly alive crime boss had taunt his son to be fucked up in the head so our hero then shoots the child in the head and drives the child crazy and now the child is all grown up and is looking for revenge.


What ensues is the most bizarre, stagnant but exhilarating game of idiots, (i mean crime genius’) you have ever seen with the protagonist not having a target to aim his aggression at as he himself and his family is targeted and zoomed in on from right in front of their, insert stereotype here, faces. 

Will he save his family, which is big enough to be able to lose one or two without crushing his will to live or will he lose everything he loves? 

The story does a job job giving you a reason to care whether or not he loses the people around him, using something few mangas do, nuance! FUCKING NUANCE! Letting you see shit without beating you over the head with them so you end up wanted him to end the way dark knight rises, happily with no one actually FUCKING DYING!  To this day I’m impressed how I never noticed that no one important died. But the big question is will you get that from these character who you spend so much more time caring about. 


The villain is delightfully over the top to the point where he’s ridiculous but smart enough that he isn’t shit because he is very much capable of murder because very much like the joker from the dark knight, he wins his battles. Which is what a good bad guy makes. 

The art work is something to write home about and I can say is my favourite of the full color web comic design type. Effectively blowing right past Sorcery, God of High School and girls of the wilds with childish skill and flair. 

There’s genuine tension in this story and reason to care, it’s not too preachy and has substance in each chapter while still having the mot frustrating cliff hangers of all time embedded into the story. Like a nail in my skull after I show my nerd friend the accident that befell his play-station four when I was jugging water balloons filled with bleach over it. 

But very much like that it was a good idea at the time and I have no regrets after. You should check this manga out!


Be read for the part installment of my top five manga for 2013, I hope you’re excited! Because I’m not! 





SQJPure’s Top Five Manga for the year 2013[Part One]

Hey there….peoplewhoaren’treallyreadingthis….

I’m SQJ Pure And I’m going rattle off my five favorite Manga of 2013. It is very important to note that I am talking about manga that I have read during 2013.



Fairy Tail!


First thing’s first. This is a manga that is available to buy online. So if you can afford it I would actually recommend it to be bought. 

Now the story which follows Natsu…no wait… that’s not right, that is only what it looks like, sounds like and quite clearly is like. Let me say the story starts with too thin to be healthy Lucy! An okay if not flimsy character who disappears behind the awesome of Natsu. 

Seriously, that’s how the manga plays out. 

You will end up forgetting who the hell Lucy is at some point or you’ll just be okay with it as her story is tedious and slapped on. AT BEST. To her credit one could argue she is the closest thing to a regular human being in the plot, which ironically makes her suck twice as much. 

As I said Lucy is the only regular human being with all the members being completely insane. Which is fantastic, because I love them and genuinely care what happens to them, which if you know shounen logic means you know that their stories are somewhat limited but still enjoyable. I just LOVE THE CHARACTERS. Wish I could shoot Lucy in the face, but no one else. 


The story itself didn’t take itself too seriously well at the same time having an entertaining flow and unlike other manga you do not have to read four chapters to feel like the story itself is progressing.  

It follows most Shounen manga cliches. Internationally positive protagonist who is so positive that if the story had been written in china or Russia you would have thought it was a propaganda initiative. The women are super well endowed to the point where the only way the men could match it would be if their penises were scrapping across the floor across through the manga. And of course despite how impossibly hot the girls are none of the men have a single boner to share between any of them for the women. And of course it is all sprinkled with fillers that make you want to gouge your eyes out. 

But for all of its flaws it has some genuinely good moments. The bad guys do not exactly fill the boring linear path of:

Oh? You thought Jeff was bad?

Wait till you take on, twice as strong, Steve.

You thought Steve was tough? Wait till you take on SUSAN who is twice as strong! 

Okay it does that, but if you only read through the first few story arcs you will not feel that at all. It will feel original, crisp and brilliant. (This changes sadly but that didn’t happen during 2013)

All in all.

The characters are unique.

The art style is enjoyable.

The first bad guys are fun to watch

And most importantly the magic is a rush! This is a great Manga, so if you can buy it, then buy it. 

Fairy-tail-fairy-tail-32737717-768-810 (1)




The Second half of Gantz. 


Remember buy the Manga if you get the chance! Get it on Amazon

I would have just said Gantz but I didn’t start reading this in 2013, I started this in 2012, 2011. But if you know much about Gantz you will learn that Gantz takes a few big turns in the plot with the single biggest turn splitting the plot in half, making two Gantz in my opinion. I’m not going to go into detail on what two Gantz are I’m only going to tell you to read it. 

What can I say about the second half of Gantz without giving anything away. Well first things first. Gantz suddenly takes itself so much more seriously and crosses into realm of super pretentious BUT and this is a big big BUTT I like that. 


The cheap sexual shots grind down, not to a halt but they do decrease it heavily but I think that has so much to do with the main character himself maturing over time. And you see the main character’s growth and story’s own growth without ever getting repetitive. 

The monsters and villains are unique and exciting. And of course the most exciting part of Gantz is that people die. Like actually die. So there’s a unique element of fear as you actually have a concern that people you like might die. Which is AWESOME. And when I say might die, I mean MOST CERTAINLY WILL DIE.


This RP is dark, beautifully written, mature, clever and just beautiful! From the art work to the characters. If there were gripes it would be…well that it’s more boy orientated because of well boobies and the most impressive characters generally lack them. Except for [No spoilers] and [No spoilers] who are actually engaging. 

You should enjoy this piece. 

This would have been ranked higher but the fucking ending…the fucking ending, fuck shit fuck mother fuckers SHIT FUCK MOTHER FUCKER!! It was frustrating and maddening to no end. It just seemed rushed out like they just woke Hiroya Oku up and told him he had ten minutes and one chapter to wrap it up or they were going to break his legs and lock in him a room Misery style.


But despite the ending this is a Manga that that is well worth reading that manages to keep itself interesting. Things happen between the chapters so you don’t feel like you have to read a full volume to feel like something has happened. 

All in all this was a great impressive read and I hope you get your hands on it. It fits happily on my top five. 

I repeat this isn’t good, this is fucking great! 

I’m going to stop there that way this doesn’t end up being a solid wall of writing. 

So if you liked this review, then like and reblog it and I’ll get to work on the next part of it. I hope you enjoyed it.

The Pure One has spoken!