The Black Thorne

Welcome to the Black Thorne


Of all the story worlds I have created this is not the largest but it is the most impressive and most expansive.

I’ve written multiple stories and books based on this one world and over time I will be showing you the mechanics of this world in all of its beauty.

Hopefully, if I am any level of talented be able to immerse you into my world.

Wish me luck and I hope

You look at some of the stories.


There are:

Multiple Territories/States


The chronicles of the Black Thorne do not spread around a single point but rather arc around multiple points in many territories which are each held by individual races or shared.

There are four Nations with over three hundred self controlled territories.


Multiple Races



There are dozens upon dozens of races types with their own cultures and histories.

One of the most featured would be the Black Air Raider Race, a sub race of the Intaka people with powerful wings and a fierce sense of faith and religious conviction.

Magic and industry. 


The world is epic fantasy but with a magical flair that will take your breath away.  No race naturally uses magic only wizards trained in the art know how. They are all taught at a single point, Vusi-Ntabi, the school of magic where one bonds the natural world with their will.

Hopefully, when you see the school in action, you’ll believe you can use magic.

Where magic is to much, many use industry, using what evolution and adaption over time has given them, not only as tools to survive but as tools to thrive.


The Books Written so Far and the races they center around:

The Black Air Raiders

  • Catch: The Proposal
  • Catch: Diane

The Inquindi

  • Heist



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